Tips for Teaching English and Teaching Subjects Bilingually in English

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1. ESL Guide.pdf

This guide has some helpful hints and steps to follow for simple English lessons. If you scroll down to page 16 there is a section called A Grammar Sequence that has 139 steps to English grammar. I thought it might be useful for all those who wanted to throw some simple English grammar lessons in with their class. For example, this section begins with the verb to be in step 1 and advances all the way to verbs and prepositions at the end. There are other helpful suggestions such as pronunciation excercises, social situations, cultural activities and all of these have different levels of difficulty for the different levels of students.

2. British Council Language Assistant Guide

Ok, this site was given to me by my program to help me with my English teaching here in Spain. The ESL guide listed above came from this site :) Since we are in año zero I don´t have the opportunity to teach directly to the kids yet, so I am passing this site on to you all. It has many helpful hints about teaching English and bilingual subjects to classes.

3. Online Vocabulary Quizzes

If the students can go to the Internet lounge, this site is very helpful. There are loads of vocabulary excercise and irregular verb excercises for students to do. For example, if a student needs to be sent out of class he can do some of these excercises in the computer lounge.


These two pages of common greetings can be used by teachers in the first few years of bilingual teaching to have a quick reference for simple instructions during class. Sometimes teaching in a foreign language can be frustrating so this will serve as a back up for every teacher to use in class. Greetings, instructions, classroom management, and ending class instructions are all included.

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Unit 3 Resource Bank and Test Book CD-ROM from What's Up?