Common Themes tiene pronunciación, canciones, chistes, listening + reading, cloze, archivos en mp3 tiene podcasts y downloads (ejercicios descargables y tapescripts) tiene audioclips para niveles desde beginners hasta avanzado, sobre poesía, teatro, ficción, historias, rimas y mucho más tiene videos para trabajar gramática/vocab, desde beginner a avanzado, audibooks, mp3 downloads y video podcasts tiene listening quizzes que el alumnado puede hacer online, con pre-listening activities, ejercicios de escucha, vocabulario y post-litening. Graduado desde easy a difficult. tiene 'everyday English in conversation', a trávés de frases útiles para escuchar y repetir en diálogos conversacionales por temas.
Agendaweb, by Sergio R. Peral Esta página contiene cientos de actividades de inglés clasificadas según su contenido y grado de dificultad. Muy útil.
Currículo Integrado Currículo Integrado, Wikis, ¿Qué hacer en año 0?, etc. Recursos para profesores de las secciones bilingües.

On-line dictionary
On-line encyclopaedia
CLIL Information (links, how to create activities, resources)
Links and CLIL activities

Vocabulary Building
Science labelling – students are given 30 seconds to ‘study’ diagram then click and drag to right place (Earth, flowers, fish, respiratory system, atmosphere)
Click on Vocabulary section. Wide range of vocabulary activities (click on correct photo, click and drag, multiple choice, listen and click) Also includes
hangman game and ‘slang’ section.
Material for Maths, Science, Music, Social Studies and more. Click on subject then go the ‘theme units’ for a variety of topic and lessons (Note: American English)
Word lists, games, matching activities for secondary school Maths, Science, History and Geography. Click on subject, pick topic and click on activity
(flashcards, wordsearch, matching, hangman etc.)

Another links

The Solar System for Kids - (Press ctrl and then click on the link to go to the page) This page has basic explanations of the Solar System so that young children can understand. Names of planets, characteristics, mathematical measurements, the role of the sun and stars and much more are explained here.
Climate and the Universe (Biology) This page is also in Spanish and does a great job of tying Biology and the Solar System together.

Geography and History Geography animations. Amazing!
Geography games, interactive maps, Climates...
City of Rome and The Roman Empire; Invasion; Rebellion; The Roman Army; Roads and places; Leisure; Families and Children; Technology and Religion.
Olympic Games, City of Athens, the Greek Theater, Time line, Glossary... Interactive maps


British Council Language Assistant Guide
Ok, this site was given to me by my program to help me with my English teaching here in Spain. The ESL guide listed above came from this site :) Since we are in año zero I don´t have the opportunity to teach directly to the kids yet, so I am passing this site on to you all. It has many helpful hints about teaching English and bilingual subjects to classes.
Online Vocabulary Quizzes
If the students can go to the Internet lounge, this site is very helpful. There are loads of vocabulary excercise and irregular verb excercises for students to do. For example, if a student needs to be sent out of class he can do some of these excercises in the computer lounge.


Order of Operations Tutorial
This tutorial is a web site, so if you could take the students to a computer lab it would be much more useful.

Natural Sciences Visual Dictionary
Climate and the Universe (Biology) This page is also in Spanish and does a great job of tying Biology and the Solar System together. This is a great place for simple explanations of fudamental physics. It includes detailed explanations of space, time, matter, electricity, magnetism, temperature, atoms, molecules and the periodic table of elements.