Resources for the teacher

- This is a basic guildeline for the math teacher. It is basically a brief translation in English about Natural Numbers from the first part of the unit.

Ramón... here is most of the basic vocabulary you will need. You can add more as the math gets more advanced but this is fine for a start.


Unit 1: Natural Numbers

- This exercise teaches kids the word between and how to make numbers between two different values. There is also a multiplication and division word problem to see if the students understand the process in English.

This is a basic exercise about natural numbers and counting.

Excercise two is a slightly more advanced activity about counting and how the tens and one places work in our number system.

Distance in the Solar System.doc Click on this link to learn about how we use natural numbers to measure distances between planets in our Solar System.

Unit 2: Class Project

Simple Whole Number Exercises.doc

Unit 3: Divisibility

Divisibility.doc Introduction to divisibility. This exercise explains divisiblity and has two more pages of exercise. This needs two class periods to complete.

Unit 4: Whole Numbers

Whole Numbers.doc
This activity is mostly composed of word problems that make students incorporate negative numbers into everyday situations such as money and temperatures. This will take up an entire class and some homework.