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Bilingual Natural Sciences

Biology: Our dear Victoria in the witch hat holding a jack-o-lantern (See photo above :)

Climate and the Universe (Biology) This page is also in Spanish and does a great job of tying Biology and the Solar System together.



This is a great place for simple explanations of fudamental physics. It includes detailed explanations of
space, time, matter, electricity, magnetism, temperature, atoms, molecules and the
periodic table of elements. Visual Dictionary

These are five excercises about Astronomy from Chapter 1. The idea here is to do
the exercises in the class in order to review the concepts of the chapter,
and to learn vocabulary about the Solar System in English.

evaluación astronomía.doc This is the final evaluation for the Astronomy unit of bilingual physics.
Although the title is in Spanish, don´t worry the rest of the document is in English.

external imageón de 20 diapositivas acerca de las propiedades físicas y químicas del agua, para alumnos de 1º de la ESO

evaluación agua.doc

Teoría cinético molecular, técnicas separativas, disoluciones y solubilidad. 3º ESO. 22 diapositivas